Isolates of some 600 actinomycetes were obtained from 84 different soil samples, namely: sludge, water, humus, etc. by various methods.
Screening test on the basis of colonial features were carried out and 400 isolates are being separated.
The morphological, cultural and biochemical characteristics of the 30 isolates from 21 samples which collected, generally conform to those described in Bergey’s Mannual of Determination Bacteriology and are presented in the Table 7 in the Text.
In assessment of the isolation techniques, it was
revealed that relatively rich media were markedly superior for the isolation of actinomycetes. When the soil samples
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were enriched with starch, casein, yeast extract arginine, glucose, peptone and inoculated in the enriched media with the same substances, better results were obtained.
The results of comparison of the various media and techniques applied, showed that the richer media were definitely better for isolation and enumeration of actinomycetes.
Precise identification of the 30 isolates were made by determination the characteristics of aerial mycelia, spore, pigmentation, cultural, physiological and biochemical activities on cellulose, starch, sugars, casein, gelatine, kreatine lithmus milk etc. (Tables)and their antagonistic effects against various g+ and g bacteria.
In this study a new strain have been isolated which is distinguishable from all known streptomycetes on the morphological features and proved to be a new species of the genus streptomyces.