Effects of B4, CCC and ALAR on growth, root length and resistance to lodging and wilting were studied in wheat plants, (Tritium, sp.var. Omid and Rosh an). The plants were grown under control conditions in a greenhouse, growth room and fields.
B4 - application reduced the length of 15t and 2nd leaves of wheat seedlings significantly.
CCC significantly reduced the height of the 1 leaves and increased the length of the 2nd leaves in the first few
days after germination.
Combined application of B4 and CCC delayed the lodging of seedlings under laboratory conditions.
ALAR application seemed to have no effect on this parameters.
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Persian language in this volume Using the CCC as a foliar spray, it was observed that
breakage of wheat plants in field trials was decreased.
The field experiments with CCC resulted in a shortening of the stalks, an increase of the weight of 1000 Grains and a higher yield of wheat with both a higher and a normal rate of N-fertilization.
The ratio of root to shoot weight of wheat seedlings was increased by B4 and CCC., this increment may occur through a reduction in shoot weight or an increase in root growth.
Root length of wheat seedlings was increased significantly by CCC application, but no changes in root length were observed using a normal concentration of B4-treatment.