By injection of chosen atomic species in the form of an accelerated ion beam, with energies from 20-150 KeV, and more will bring about both chemical and physical changes in a material.
In these experiments we have studied the effect of ion implantation into the stainless steel samples. Thus by implanting of ions in the form of a 20 ?A ion beam of a about and 20-25 KeV energy in a magnetic field of 80 mT. into a few samples of steel No. 304 and 316, we observed an initial increase in their physical hardness by a factor of 1.3 to 2.31 in comparison with initial samples.
All laboratory testes of physical hardness have been made by microhardness method using the (Pin-on-ring) and (Pin-on-disk) arrangement. It should be mentioned that the increase of hardness was limited because of limitation of accelerating voltage. In the case of an increase of the voltage up to 150 KV or more, it is possible to have a physical hardness of about 8-10 times more.