Granitoids rocks in the north of Khoy have strongly been deformed by dynamic metamorphism and many subsequent structures of this metamorphism have been formed. Up to now, due to mylonitic structures, these rocks have been named Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic gneisses. However, our study indicates that these rocks are not gneiss but they are Peraluminous granite and of S-Type, which have intruded in a dextral strike slip shear zone. Furthermore, field evidence shows that these Granitoids have intruded in all rocks before Qum Formation (Oligocene-Miocene), and in some areas of host rocks cordierite has been crystallized.
There is no mineral, chemical and structural difference between these two groups of rocks, i.e. Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic gneisses; rather, it seems that they are both in the same age and of the same magma.