In this research, the changes of blood glucose due to injection of different doses of morphine (5-120 mg/kg S.C.) are studied. It shows that the injection of morphine causes hypoglycemia in mice.
The results this research are different from the last reports that have represented the effects of morphine hyperglycemia and these differences are probably because of race and kind of animals.
The use of naloxon (1 mg/kg I.P.) significantly, inhibits hypoglycemia response in mice, which get morphine (20 mg/kg S.C.) and it shows, the effect of opioid system and its receptors.
Probably, the reason of morphine hypoglycemia is due to the effect of opioid system through other nervous systems and stimulation of pancrase to increase of insulin secretion.
The known behavioral phenomena caused by morphine such as hypermotality, straub tail is also observed in these mice and these responses are inhibited by naloxone