The nuclei of raphe constitute part of a system, which is known as reticular organization.
The nuclei found in this system are not uniform and are scattered unevently in the brain stem. They are called nuclei of raphe . The most important neurotransmitter of these nuclei is the serotonin, which is also the regulation of endocrine secretion, movement activities, tonus of skeleton muscles, sexual behaviors, and nutrition. Moreover the innervation of different hippocamp by median raphe nucleus indicate the role of this nucleus in the regulation of physiological processes like sleeping, mood, cognition and learning.
In the present research, the median raphe nucleus or central superior nucleus was studied using the Golgi technique.
From the cellular variation existing in this nucleus which is bipolar, multipolar and in various sizes, the arrangement of neurons in different directions, the connections of this nucleus with other parts of central nervous system and blood capillaries the rough dendrites and axons and finally the uneven accumulation of neurons in different parts nucleus, we can conclude the structure, function, and thus the importance of the mentioned nucleus in the central nervous system.