The studied section with a complete series of Jurassic sediments situated in Sefid kuh of Soltanieh Mountions, 45 km SE of Zanjan. Middle Jurassic sediments(Dalichai Formation) with a thickness of 150m and Upper Jurassic (Lar Formation) with a thickness of 250m contains limestones with chert nodules.
Fourty limestone rock sample were collected and 160 slides were prepared. Recovered Palynomorphs show an age of Bajocian-Kimmeridgian for the section.
Dinoflagellates are of proximate type. They are small in size and badly preserved. This might be related to restricted water circulation during depositional period. They indicate an intermediate and warm water environment.
Most of the recorded spore and pollen grains are quoted to filicopsida and cycadales indicating a warm and moist climate as well.
Spongin spicules belong to Darwinellidae family are also recorded. These spicules plus faungal spores confirm the climatic results indicated by other Palynomorphs.
The ammonites and belemnites collected from the section also confirm the results regarding depth and climate of the depositional environment.
Comparing the section with those of Pol-e-Dokhtar and Oromieh respectively in east and west of Agh-Dagh show that the middle Jurassic sea in this area was deeper than in the west and east, so deposited limestones and changed Dalichai facies in Agh-Dagh.