In this work, short term effects EMFs including 50,100,200 and 400 G with 100 HZ frequency have been worked out on the main serum proteins, liver and spleen tissues of female Balb/c mice. The results were compared with sham exposed and control individuals. The electromagnetic fields were produced by using Helmholts coils system and the experimental animals were situated between the coil axis in a plexiglas box. For sham exposed animals nonenergized exposure coils were applied. The control animals were kept in animal room.,without any exposure. Statistical significance of difference between control, sham–exposed and experimantal animal was determined using analysis of variance and Tukey test. The significance and statistical difference was considered to be at level P=0.05. Serum albumin in 50G intensity shows significant decrease (P< 0.0001). Gamma globulin shows statistical significant difference in 50 &400G intensities, (P=0.03). But the fractions of ?1,?2 and ? globulins do not show any significant changes (P> 0.05) In liver tissue of experimental animals, the number of mononuclear cell aggregates, diameter of hepatocytcs and their nuclei show significant increase (P=0.001). The most important diffrences were due to 50 & 100 G intensities. The number of kupffer cells decrease significantly in 50G intensity (P=0.001). In spleen tissue the number of megakaryocytes show significant increase in 50 & 100 G intensities (P= 0.001). The diameter of white pulps show statistical significant difference in 50 & 100 G intensities (P = 0.025).