Hippocampus, where the important activites of brain such as memory and learning is conducted malfunctions in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Application of many drugs and hypoxia have shown to have significant improving effects on neurodegenerative diseases and aging. In this study thin slice of hippocampus tissue as well as a suspension of separated cells extracted from new born (P-N 1-2d) rat were used to study the differentiation, morphological changes and biochemical activities of the cells. Hippocampus cells were dissociated by proteolytic enzymes, trypsin and papain as well as mechanical methods. Furthermore, to complete the study subtraction ashesion molecules like collagen, polylysin and nerve growth factors (NGF) were also used.
The results of this study showed that collagen gel and NGF have no effects on hippocampus cells differentiation. The differentiation of the cells was completed in seven days and monitoring cell culture for long time (several days) showed no significant morphological changes nor disorder and malfunction in cells.