The effect of liver oil of predominant shark in the Persian Gulf
and Oman Sea (Carcharhinus dussumieri) on the growth of Saccharopolyspora erythraea NUR001 and erythromycin production and was investigated in a complex medium consisting soybean flour and dextrin as the main substrates. Fermentation conditions were 264 hours incubation, 240 rpm shaking, 30oC and pH 6.8. The biomass, erythromycin, dextrin and oil concentrations and pH value were measured on a daily basis. Also, the kinds and frequencies of fatty acids of the oils used were determined. The results obtained showed that the erythromycin concentration in the medium containing shark oil was 2.59 time higher than that of the control (without oil). In the oil-containing medium the rate of dextrin consumption was lower than that of control medium. There is a correlation between erythromycin production and growth of S. erythraea NUR001 in the oil-containing medium. The shark oil may be used by S. erythraea NUR001 as a source of carbon/energy and precursor in erythromycin production.