Heroin is one of the opiotes, which is, presently, considered to be the most addictive drug being used in Iran. This drug can affect the embryo by passing through placenta barrier. The degree of drug influence, on the embryo of addicted parents, depends on factors such as: dosage, time of drug, taking before or during pregnancy, during parent's addiction. In present research, effects of heroin on the embryo of drug addicted mice (Balb/c) were studied. The female and male mice (25-30 gr), were grouped (n=10) in to three categories, control, sham, experimental, based on the anthi period of parents, addiction and drug dosage, selected dosage ranged from 0.1 mg/ml to the lethal dose for embryos and parents were injected intraperitoneally. Observation: absence and / or decrease of gametogenesis, lack of sexual tendency, decrease of sexual tendency, death of embryos and parents, weight and length of crown - rump in experimental groups were significantly reduced in comparison with control and sham groups P < 0.001.
Abnormalities were seen - besides the observations mentioned above in different tissues.