Shah-Kuh granitic pluton of eastern Iran, 500 km2, has cut the regional metamorphic rocks of Deh-Salm Complex in southern part and in the clastic rocks of Shemshak Formation in the northern part. The aim of this paper is the study of the southern part of the contact metamorphism aureole of Shah-Kuh granitic pluton.
Based on the mineralogical and textural studieds, three different metamorphosed zones of sillimanite, andalusite and biotite have been identified outward from the contact.The maximum temperature of the contact metamorphism which has detected in sillimanite zone, estimated approximately 600? C at the pressure of 2 k bar.
The crystal size distribution (CSD) on the N" – L and ln N" - L graph shows that all studied cordierits have the same origin and were formed during a metamorphic event.