The most important problem in the industry is corrosion and scale formation in cooling systems, the most effective solution to overcome the problem is the use of inhibitors. One of the most important and potent inhibitors for this purpose is HEDP. This important organo phosphorous compound is used in various fields such as:
Scale control in aqueous systems, corrosion and scale inhibitor in cooling waters, efficient preconcentration and separation of actinide elements from large soil and sediment samples, prescribed medication for osteoporosis, an inhibiting compound against the formation of crystalline mineral deposits on the heat exchanger tubes.
Regarding to extensive industrial application of HEDP, have it is attempted to production of Lab-scale HEDP by using the required chemically which are may manufactured in the country in a large scale. The conditions of the synthesis procedure is optimized and the purified product way characterized by means of 1HNMR, IR and elemental analysis. Optimization is preformed considering the kinetic aspects of the reaction as well as the significant variables such as stoichiometric ratio of CH3COOH/H2O, temperature, time and the rate of addition of PCl3 and an efficiency of about %98 is achieved at the optimum conditions.