Elevated amount of free radicals due to ionizing radiation causes deteriorative damage on immune system. On the other hand it has been shown that ranitidin, H2 receptor antagonist, can scavenger the free radicals.
Therefore we study the effect of ranitidine, in ?-irradiated BALB/c mice. Several gruops of mice were selected and we gave half of them
0.5mg/Lit ranitidine. Half of the mice ranitidine supplemented and unsupplemented were exposed to sublethal of ?-irradiation (1Gy/day for 3 days). In the end of exposure, mice were immunized by lived attenuated Brucella mellitensis vaccine. Consequently we assayed specific antibody response, delayed type hyper sensitivity and lymphocyte proliferation. We showed, ranitidine supplementation restores the immune response in ?-irradiated BALB/c mice.