This research deals with the seed contents of some varieties of Brassica napus (cvs. Ebonit, Bristol, VDH80001, Option, PF, Colvert, Orient, Cobra, IRA, Rigent?Cobra) using the following approaches: 1) measurement of the total seed protein which yielded protein content ranged from 18.46 to 30.8/100 gr of dry weight inVDH8001 and Bristol varieties, respectively; 2) study of seed storage protein using gel electrophoresis; 3) extraction of the total seed oil yielding contents ranging from 37% to 44% gr/100 of dry weight in Rigent?Cobra and Cobra varieties, respectively; 4) determination of fatty acids contents and their kinds. Among five major isolated fatty acids, oleic and stearic acids have the highest and the lowest values, respectively. The genetic linkage among the seeds belonging to different varieties was investigated based on fatty acids as well as proteins.