This paper presents the results of engineering geology and geotechnical studies in the Hamadan city. The methodology of this research work was getting data from geotechnical reports of the previous works and engineering geology studies, which have been done by authors. This is the first geotechnical report from the area, which has an overall view to the soils profile and foundation of the Hamadan city. In order to study quaternary non- cemented alluvials in this area, a South-North section with a length of 14 Km from Hamadan Plain was chosen. This section started from Dareh-Moradbeig to the end of Hamadan Airport. Based on the field and laboratory studies, conditions and texture of the alluvial and foundation of Hamadan city were considered. As a result, non-cemented alluvial in this area were studied in details and a geotechnical profile of the soils in this section was prepared. Results of this research work as a geotechnical profile of soil and foundation of Hamadan city can be used for engineering constructions in the study area. It should be noted that, this profile is introduced from the study area for the first time.