At any moment in our bodies there is a monumental chemical - biological warfare going on in our cells.
Disease is essentially a collection of cell disturbances, a conglomeration of cellular events add up to a whole body events.
Although we do not perceive disease until we see the symptoms. These symptoms appear only because, enough cells have lost the battle to evil forces. Whether our health is promoted, sustained or defeated, depends on the perpetual struggle concerning possession of single cells.
Pharmacologically active food chemicals can guard individual cells by cutting the enemy off, at any number of biological passes.
Whether we are fighting off infections, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, ulcers, or even depression or fatigue we are carrying on that battle in unseen places by fending off tiny assaults against individual cells.
In this paper I am going to discuss and hope to make clear how food and food chemicals can exert influence against disease at a cellular level.