Comparison of Hydrodistillation-Headspace Liquid Phase Microextraction Techniques With Hydrodistillation in Determination of Essential Oils in Artemisia Haussknechtii Boiss


A novel method for extraction and analysis of volatile compounds of Artemisia Haussknechtii Boiss, using simultaneous hydro-distillation and headspace liquid microextraction followed by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (HD-HLPME-GCMS) is developed. Headspace liquid phase microextraction was performed in two modes of static and dynamic. Then, effective parameters of the both optimized. Comparison of these methods with hydro-distillation alone showed that HD-HLPME is fast, simple, inexpensive and effective for the analysis of volatile compounds of aromatic plants. Also, dynamic method represented higher efficiency than static mode. Finally, fifty six compounds were extracted and identified for Artemisia Haussknechtii Boiss. by dynamic-HLPME. The main constituents of the essential oil, extracted by this method, includes camphor (40.83%), 1,8-cineole (26.84%), cis-davanone (4.77%), linalool (4.44%), 4-terpineol (3.62%), beta-fenchyl alcohol (3.52%), borneol (2.87%) and comphene (1.34%).