‏Induction of Shoot Formation in Embryo Explants of Pinus Eldarica


The effect of different culture media and 6-Benzylaminopurin (BAP) concentrations on direct adventitious shoot formation in Pinus eldarica zygotic embryo explants were evaluated. Statistical analysis of data showed a significant media and BAP concentration effect on shoot meristem induction. Among the used basal media, Le Poivre (LP) medium supplemented with 5 mg/L BAP proved to be most suitable for multiple shoot formation. The caulogenesis occurred mainly on the basal portions of the cotyledons and without any obvious intermediate callus formation. However, the shoot regeneration process involved the identification of either shoot meristems or caulogenic nodules on the surface of cultured embryos. Histological sections confirmed the direct formation of these discrete structures on the explants. All of the adventitious shoot meristems showed normal cell organization. This in vitro procedure could be useful for studies on efficient plant regeneration of Pinus eldarica.