Lectin binding characteristics of murine zona pellucida during folliculogenesis; the importance of N-acetyl sugar derivates


Here we report the change in glycodecoration of the oocyte during with folliculogenesis. Five peroxidase-conjugated lectins were used to study their ability to bind to the oocyte at the successive developmental stages. During oocyte maturation process sugar parts of the glycoconjugates from zona pellucida undergo directed biochemical changes to provide glycan configuration suitable for their important physiological functions. In this study we report presence of terminal and accessible sugar moieties of the zona pellucida through sharp distinguishable differences against background of the oocyte by using five peroxidase conjugated lectins. Lectin binding features of the successive stages of the developing zona pellucida through staining with lectins revealed the absence of mannose and non-acetylated forms of galactose and glucose termini and conversely importance of the N-acetylated derivates for both of galactose and glucose as a speculative remark on oocyte maturation process. Moreover presentation of the ?-anomers precedes ?-anomers in the mentioned sugar termini, based on observed DBA (lectin derived from Dolichos biflorus) and PNA (lectin derived from Arachis hypogaea) binding capacity.