Geologic Moment Rate in The Central Alborz



Prediction of the Geologic Moment Rate is introduced as a new and cable tool to assess the tectonic activity and seismic potential of a given region. Here, we study the Central Albourz range as seismically active area. We estimate the geologic moment rate of the study area using geometric parameters of main faults exposed as the amount of fault length, fault dip, fault slip rate and seismogenic thickness. Despite of some data lack of faults, the geologic moment rate is estimate 1.2×1018 Nm/yr. This study suggest that despite large number of faults exits within the range, a significant amount of fault slip occurred along few large faults, Khazar, North Albourz, Mosha, Taleghan, North Tehran, Pishva and Varamin faults. Seismic potential is different between northern and southern parts of the Central Albouz. Apparently, the earlier reflects higher seismic potential