Thermal Maturity Modeling Of Rag-e-Safid Oilfield, Southwest Iran



In this study thermal maturity of Pabdeh, Gurpi and Kazhdumi Formations in well numbers 112, 2, 33, 99 and 18 of Rag-e-Safid oilfield situated in Dezful Embayment were modeled using Rock-Eval and Vitrinite Reflectance data. Optimization of the model by %Ro and Tmax reveals that there is high geothermal gradient in well number 112 was due to Izeh-Hendijan fault, and also in well number 99, due to the presence of paleo-high (31°C/km and 26°C/km equivalent to 83 and 70 mW/m2 heat flow respectively). Other studied wells had a normal geothermal gradient (with mean of 23°C/km, equivalent to heat flow 63 mW/m2(. TOC data obtained from Rock-Eval analysis, demonstrates a high genetic potential for both Pabdeh and Gurpi Formations, while thermal modeling using Easy%Ro proves that; this rich formations have not entered oil window with respect to their thermal maturity.