Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Crustal Sequence of the Khabr- Marvast Ophiolite, NW Shahr-e-Babak



The Khabr- Marvast Tectonized Ophiolite is part of the internal Iranian group of Ophiolites. This Ophiolitic association crops out in the South-Western edge of the Central Iran Microcontinent, in the middle part of the Nain-Baft ophiolite belt. The mantle sequence comprised of serpentinite and serpentinized harzburgite. The crustal sequence consist of isotropic gabbro, diabasic sheeted dike complex, trondjhemite, which intruded by Isolated diabasic dikes and pegmatite gabbro. The extrusive sequence made of pillow lava, basaltic- andesitic sheet flows and hyaloclastic breccias.The multi- elements plots normalized to primitive mantle, show that most of rock types display enrichments in the LILE and depletion in the HFSE, notably Nb. These geochemical features are comparable to those of subduction-related magmatism patterns.