Silica nonlinear distribution, as a new approaching to textural zonation modeling related to gold-bearing indices in eastern Azerbaijan Province



Pre-researches evidences including isotopic and fluid inclusion thermometry results at the1/50000 sketch map of Mianeh area located in east Azerbaijan, indicate to Cenozoic post magmatism activities given rise to facing adularia facies as initial alteration sequences related to gold mineralization processes may be hosted by Paleogene pyroclastics and rhyolithic tuffs constraining number of quartz pyrite occurrences belong to Neogene epithermal systems. According to Queensland exploration results, the evolution of textural zoning associate with gold bearing vein systems is in close spatial relationships with quartzitic appearances and siliceous alteration developments at the most surfaces of the prospect area. So, in this paper, a new fractal approaching to analysis of nonlinear distribution of silica variations (glassy types, microcrystalline, crystalline, etc) were applied to revealing textural patterns and prognosis of gold mineralization stages within the west Mianeh indices as known epithermal prospects.