Study of the inhibitory effects of sodium sulfabenzamide on the proliferation of T-47D cells with emphasis on apoptosis and cell cycle arrest



In the line of widespread studies on sulfonamides, anti-tumoral effects have been reported for this drug family. Appearing of these anti-tumoral effects in sulfonamide drug family has been attributed to some cell and molecular mechanisms such as inhibition of membranous carbonic anhydrase, prevention of the formation of microtubules, arresting of cell cycle and prohibition of angiogenesis. In this research project, sodium sulfabenzamide drug with low inhibitory potency for carbonic anhydrase was selected until its net effect on some cellular processes such as apoptosis and cell cycle arrest to become able to be placed under study. Using MTT test, prevention concentration of drug for 50 percent reduction of the cells viability in the medium was obtained as 10.8 mM which was considered as the basal concentration for treatment of the cells during the whole steps of the work.