Petrography of Volcanic Rocks of


The studied area is situated in Ardebil province and in NW of Meshkin-shahr. From the structural point of view the area is part of Azerbaijan zone, and potassic rock of the area are quite vary in types, which are also known in other parts of Azerbaijan, aging middle-Eocene (Miocene?). Leucite bearing potassic rocks of the area consist of: leucitite, Thephrite and Phonolitic tephrite. Leucite as the indicator mineral of the rocks is present as small and large sizes grains. The rocks are enriched of LILE and depleted of HFSE. The most remarkable process of the area is the strong alteration of the rocks, which is resulted in a wide range of variations of the area particularly on those which were ready to change. Alteration of the area consist of three types or zones; Argilic, Alunitic and Silisic