Biostratigraphy and lithostrati¬graphy of the Late Jurassic rocks in the west of Binalud Range (Dahaneh Heydari – Bojnow) northwest of Neyshabour


Upper Jurassic rocks with a great thickness are well developed at west of Binalud Range Zone. These rocks mainly contain limestone, marly limestone and marl. Two sections, Dahaneh Heydari and Bojnow were chosen for paleontological studies. The thickness of the studied succession in Dahaneh Heydari section is 554 meters and in the Bojnow section is 592 meters and being subdivided in 3 members. In the both sections, the succession begin with a terrigenous association that has been placed over the Kashafrud formation conformably, also in the upper part at this succession very thick yellowish limestones are placed conformably and gradually. Sixteen ammonite genera and 48 species are identified, of them 7 genus and 35 species are from perisphinctidae family and 12 species are reported for the first time from Iran. Based on the ammonite fauna 7 biozones are recognized that correlate with Sub – Mediterranean biozones. The fauna indicates Late Oxfordian – Kimmeridjian ages for these rocks.