Correlating Turonian-Campanian deposit of Kopeh-Dagh and Central Iran Basins on the basis of planktonic foraminifera


Abderaz Formation, with an age of Turonian Campanian, age is well exposed in Kopeh Dagh area (Mozdooran Section). Its lower boundary with Aitamir Formation is unconformable and the upper boundary with Abtalkh Formation conformable. Inoceramus limestone unit of Early Turonian - Santonian age is exposed in Baharestan section, Central Iran, Esfehan area. Based on 105 studied samples , there are lithological and paleontological similarities between Abderaz Formation and Inoceramus limestone unit.These evidences support strongly Paleoecological and paleoenvironmental similarity. This ascertainment shows the close relation between the Kopeh-Dagh and Central Iran basins. The fossil evidences found in both section are as follow: Whiteinella archaeocretacea Pessagno, Helvetoglobotruncana helvetica (Bolli), Marginotruncana renzi (Gandolfi), Marginotruncana coronata (Bolli), Dicarinella primitiva (Dalbiez), Dicarinella concavata (Brotzen), Dicarinella imbricata (Mornod), Globotruncana lapparenti Brotzen Globotruncana arca (Cushman), Globotruncana bulloides Volger, Globotruncanita stuartiformis (Dalbiez) Globotruncanita elevata (Brotzen), Globotruncana sp., Hedbergella sp.