One of the causes of infertility is antisperm antibodies (ASA) which are directed against sperm surface antigens. Alterations in the surface of sperm is one of factors inducing antisperm antibody formation in women. In this study, tray agglutination test (TAT) and indirect – mixed antiglobulin reaction test (indirect – MAR) were used on serum and cervical mucus (CM) of 117 infertile and 40 fertile women. The result shows that there is a significant correlation between two different methods (indirect– MAR and TAT), when were applied on serum (p< 0.0001, p< 0.0221) and on cervical mucus (p<0.00001, p<0.00001). In the other part of the study, there was not a significant correlation between class of immunoglobulin antisperm antibodies (IgA, IgG) and agglutination type in serum of infertile women (p<0.4603). The result of this study showed that antisperm antibodies have different classes of immunoglobulins, so, they have different molecular weight and sites for reaction with antigen.