The effect of different concentrations of NaCl and KCl on tissue culture of Phaseolus vulgaris L. has been examined.
The obtained results showed that the increase NaCl and KCl concentrations has negative effects on the growth process of callus. In such a way that with increase of NaCl and KCl in the medium ,the index of callus, the fresh and dry weight and the ratio of as well as the amount of the total protein decrease while the amount of proline increased. These results also showed that the undesirable consequences of KCl is far more than that of NaCl in the similar concentrations. Therefore, KCl effects is the of the reverse the of effects of KNO3.
The measurment of Na, K and Ca showed that when NaCl or KCl increases in the medium, the amount of Na and K in calluses will increase, respectively. There is also an antagonistic relationship between K and Na in lower concentrations. The increase of NaCl in the medium about 25 mM causes Ca increase in callus , there after, the increase of NaCl causes Ca decrease in callus.While the increase of KCl constantly decreases Ca.