With increasing of human needs to exploration of new hydrocarbon resources, petroleum geologist attention is attracted to qualitative and quantitative aspects of forming and migration of the hydrocarbon and also more precise evaluation of the hydrocarbon formation.
Modeling investigation of source rocks can be considered as an important tool for exploration of oil and gas storage with lower risk.
Existence of source rock is a necessary factor for any oil accumulation; hence having the acquaintance about source rock properties is very significant.
It is imperative to know, where hydrocarbon is generated, from which kind of rock is migrated and transported. The most recent studies are carried out based on effective physico-chemical processes on hydrocarbon generation, value, quality and distribution of the organic matters in source rocks.
Therefore, modeling method is an important tool to reconstruct depositional condition in time of sedimentation and after that. Based on studies by using modeling method with Winbury software (1D), the Gadvan Formation in located before threshold of oil window (Ro=0.35- 0.65). By considering burial history and thermal curves, insufficient maturity of the Gadvan Fm. is caused by shallow burial depth and low geothermal gradient in this region.