Kavire - Meyghan is situated c.15 Km northeast of Arak, with an elevation of l6SOxn. This area is one of the highest salines in central Iran. In this paper a contribution to the vegetation and flora of Kavire-Meyghan is given. Halophytic vegetation units at the margin of basin are composed of, (1) Halocnemum strobilaceum community in mucky salt flats, (2) obligatory hygro - halophytic formations consisted of Salicornia europaea community, (3) hydrophilous euryhalophytic formations consisted of Juncus maritimus, Phragmites australis and Bolboschoenus maritimus communities, (4) 11 herbaceous perennial and hemicryptophyte halophytic formations mostly consisted of Ae1ropus littoralis community, (5) halophytic shrub formations consisted of Nitraria schoberi community and (6) annual halophytic communities. Halophytic vegetation is surrounded by Stipa steppe in northwest, cultivated and wastelands in other parts. A total of 130 flowering plant species was collected from Kavirc-Meyghan.44 species are halophyte and 11 species arc salt tolerant. 85% of the species are hemicryptophyte and therophyte.