Palynology and Paleoenvironmental Study of the Abderaz Formation in Kopet-Dagh Sedimentary Basin



Kopet-Dagh sedimentary basin is located in the east northern of Iran and contains sediments of Jurassic to recent ages. One of the lithostratigraphic units in this basin is the Abderaz Formation. The formation is made up of calcareous shales, marly shales, chalky limestone. In order to syudy Palynology and Paleoenvironment of Abderaz formation in Hamam Ghaleh section samples. Some of the samples proved to be rich in dinoflagellates and some 85 species belonging to 52 genera were recorded. Age of Abderaz formation in Hamam Ghaleh section basis of Dinoflagellates is Late Turonian –Coniacian-Middle Santonian. Analysis palynofacies and index Dinoflagellates show that the formation was deposited in a shallow – open marine environment with variable energy conditions