Two contrasting volcanic episodes during the Paleogene magmatism in Kerman Cenozoic magmatic arc: geochemical signatures and petrogenetic processes



Kerman Cenozoic magmatic arc has gone through a different tectonic and magmatic evolution from that of central and northwestern parts of the Urumieh-Dokhtar volcanic belt and has particularly been influenced by the subduction of Neo-Tethys oceanic crust to the east of Nain-Baft transform fault beneath the rotating central Iran micro-continent and its surrounding circum ocean. The arc magmatic activities started from early Eocene with extensive volcanism of Bahr Asemen and Razak complexes which are characterized by silica-satureated magmas with ranges mafic to felsic compositions without feldspathoides, calc-alkaline and locally tholeiitic-like affinity, low enrichment in LILE, weak to moderately REE fractionation (La/Yb<20), non-radiogenic Sr isotopic ratios (0.7041-0.7049), and high ?Nd (6-2.3).